Saturday, 7 March 2015

Compared to life

Compared to life, living, breathing and all the senses, what is art? Today I present to you a photo I took this morning in the garden after having fought with love of these flowers to photograph them. They spoke so lovingly of the day and the water that was delivered to them by me last night. They coped with me as I blocked out the sun, bending down to snap a picture with my ipod. I walked away a little disappointed that I could not spend the day with them - they bloom and die so fast.

As I was scrolling through my camera's album, I found this photo of a painting I did last year. It was not a good photo so I took another one just now. It didn't hurt to take this photo, as it did to take the photo of the flowers, but I did feel that the painting was becoming something different for me. Table it as exhibit A in my documentation of society's need for science to understand nature. I would rather understand science through my nature - which is not to be scientific, but is to be in tune with what I sense is happening around me. Everything talks to me. The painting is part of the recording of speeches by nature. Stop doodling with thoughts and be natural says nature.

What is this blog? The Internet has a nature. Cyberspace, servers and microchips. Removed from science, there is nothing left to do but talk.

Talk, talk, talk

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