Wednesday, 24 August 2016

On the journey with food photography

Photographing my relationship with food is a challenging journey. One reason is that food is being photographed all the time so that being innovative requires reflection, experimentation and time. I am moving from general preferences to refined concepts that explore the subject with energy and clarity.

This is my paper, and my platform for starting to composite photographs into a synthesized photomedia image. I will be presenting the food to myself for consumption.

I want to talk about abundance and moderation together because we have access to so much variety in foods, and are always managing how much we eat. Herbs are a flavours agent, and add no kilojoules.
The photomedia image will succeed if I find a way to use the medium to engage with my subject in a interesting way, without disturbing its integrity.  

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Anonymous said...

I had some problems interpreting the picture of the herbs. I cant see what type they are. Perhaps get closer so we can see just one stem and a few leaves.
It will be interesting to see what you finally create.