The Princess's Problem

Long ago, in a country far far away, a princess named A sat weeping that her castle had been invaded and taken over by a neighbouring princess and her family. Princess A was very upset and homeless. Her heart was overwhelmed by the loss of her home and throne. She grew so distressed that she rallied her army together and invaded another kingdom to take over its castle and call it her own. The people of this kingdom were very angry and begged her to return their castle and all its property. They explained to her that their own royal family was now as distressed at their loss as much as she had been distressed by hers. Do two wrongs make the world right, they argued. Eventually she became so worried at the impact of her actions that she decided to return to her own castle and ask the invaders to leave.

She pleaded with them to return to where they came from. She reasoned with them that they did not have the right to steal what is not theirs. She asserted her rights as the princess of the land and introduced them to her people. 

After days of negotiation the invaders agreed to leave and return to their own kingdom. The princess was happy again in her own home, ruling over her own country folk. How do we stop ourselves from copying bad ideas, bad habits, and bad behaviour? Reaction is sometimes the force that drives our decisions. Don't be a princess with an army. Be a person with a brain.       

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