The Crow

One day a crow was sitting in a tree thinking to itself how hungry it was. How hungry I am. How hungry I am. But am I a vegetarian or a meat eater? I cannot remember. I do not know. After a while of devastating need the crow spotted a mouse running from house to house. It swooped down and caught the mouse in its beak and shook the mouse violently until it was dead. The crow lay the mouse on the ground and stared at it. How hungry I am. How hungry I am. How will I eat this mouse? Do I eat meat? Another crow flew passed and noticing the crow and dead mouse flew down for a closer look. The second crow asked, "What are you doing with this dead mouse?" The first crow replied, "I am so hungry that I killed this mouse, but I cannot decide if I am a vegetarian or a meat eater. Can you tell me what we eat?" The second crow replied, "We eat worms." The first crow was suddenly thoughtful and said, full of remorse, "Oh dear, I have killed a mouse to eat a worm." And so is the world full of need without quite knowing what that is.

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