The Blue Frog and the Human Touch

There was a youthful looking man standing next to a blue frog. The blue frog said to the man, "Wow, you are really hot!" The man blushed and said, "Thank you." The frog said, "What I mean is that you are really HOT and look at me I am so blue I even feel blue." The man said, "Maybe you can change." The frog said, "Yes. Maybe I can." And he hopped behind a nearby tree and started chanting to himself, "Change Change Change." Then he looked down and saw that he had turned green. He hopped back around the tree, to the man and said, "What do you think? I have changed colour." The man said, "Yes, you certainly have." Then the man asked, "Do you still think I am hot?" The frog burst out laughing. He burst out into laughter, "Yes, I still think you are hot." And they laughed together.

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